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AMC Eagle Nest
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Welcome to the Nest!! I started this site in December 2003 after I bought my first Eagle. I did a lot of searching on the internet for information on the Eagles with no real results, so The Eagle Nest was born. After about 5 months on our proboards site we had over 60 members, which was more than I ever expected. The service there was undependable so we moved here. Since then we have gotten alot of our old members back and have gained alot of new ones. The staff has grown from just me to a staff of 6 and a webmaster, which is also more than I ever expected. We cater to all types of AMC Eagles: the Kammback, Sx/4, 2 and 4 door sedans, and wagons. We have members that drive everything from showroom quality Eagles to mudracers and rock crawlers, but still all Eagles.


We hope that future Eagle owners will benifit from this site and forum as much as current Eagle owners. None of us are experts, but we enjoy driving and improving our Eagles. So we hope you enjoy this site as much as we liked building it.

We soon hope to have a ride of the month page for members of the forum. This page will showcase a members car with pics, mods list, and general info about the car for a month at a time. The ride of the month will be chosen by the forum members, and it will be a different car each month. However, there is a chance it could be the same owner as we have some members with more than one Eagle.

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